We support conservation that benefits people and nature through four formal Programmes in the Mediterranean, Coastal West Africa, Switzerland and Sustainable Economy – as well as through a small number of Global Projects.

Securing a lasting impact of the projects we fund within each programme, and enabling our key partners to continue their work once MAVA has phased out of its funding in 2022, is a philosophy that shapes our whole approach. This is reflected in the programmes’ strategies and through the work of our Impact & Sustainability unit.

Watch Lynda Mansson’s interview on MAVA’s 2016-2022 strategy


Action Plans

Each Programme is implemented through its own set of focused Action Plans. Designed with partners on the ground and with thought leaders on sustainable economy and conservation science, these provide a framework for our investment across our Programmes.

Heroes & Stories

At the heart of all MAVA’s work are ‘heroes‘ – our greatest asset, these are inspirational partners and passionate women and men dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation.

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Listen to Paule Gros, Julien Sémelin and Luis Costa from MAVA’s Mediterranean Programme

In the Mediterranean, we focus on freshwater, coastal and island wetlands, seagrass, high trophic level fish, cultural landscapes and priority species. In particular, we are seeking to:

  • promote sustainable water use by reducing the impacts of water abstraction, construction and poor management of water infrastructure
promote sustainable coastal development by reducing threats to coastal wetlands and critical marine habitats
make fishing more sustainable by limiting impacts on priority species and habitats, and reducing the fishing pressure on high trophic level fish species
  • promote sustainable land-use practices that foster high biodiversity
  • improve the status of priority species by reducing human-induced mortality.

Find out how MAVA’s Action Plans contribute to achieving these objectives in the Mediterranean, and who some of the passionate partners dedicated to implementing them in the field are.

Coastal West Africa

Coastal West Africa

Watch MAVA’s West Africa team talk about their work.

In West Africa, we focus on sea turtles, coastal wetlands, seabirds, mangroves, seagrass beds and small pelagic fish. In particular, we are seeking to:

  • minimise disturbance and eradicate illegal harvesting in important green and loggerhead turtle breeding sites, as well as seabird breeding colonies in MPAs;
  • end disturbance of breeding and wintering shorebirds in priority coastal wetlands;
  • improve pollution risk management in offshore oil and gas activities;
  • promote sustainability and regulation of infrastructure development in critical biodiversity sites;
  • promote conservation of seagrass beds at regional level;
  • reduce bycatch of seabirds and sea turtles in specific fisheries;
  • significantly contribute to preserving small coastal pelagic fish stocks.

Find out how MAVA’s Action Plans contribute to achieving these objectives in West Africa, and who some of the passionate partners dedicated to implementing them in the field are.




Listen to Holger Schmid, Director, and Jérôme Pellet, Manager, MAVA Switzerland Programme

In Switzerland, we focus on rivers, sustainable agriculture, ecological infrastructure and green economy. In particular, we are seeking to:

  • reduce the impact of hydropower and restore river ecology;
  • promote more environmentally friendly and less resource intensive agricultural production;
  • conserve and restore functional ecosystems and landscapes in Vaud;
  • support legislation that incentivises less energy use and resource consumption.

Find out how MAVA’s Action Plans contribute to achieving these objectives in Switzerland, and who some of the passionate partners dedicated to implementing them in the field are.


Sustainable Economy

Sustainable Economy

Listen to Holger Schmid, Director MAVA Sustainable Economy Programme

Contributing to the creation of a more sustainable global economic system and integrating with our regional programmes, we focus on valuing natural capital, green finance and resource efficiency. In particular, we are seeking to:

  • promote the integration of natural capital conservation and restoration in national green economy planning;
  • encourage alignment of financial systems with Sustainable Development Goals and support the green economy transition;
  • promote sustainable infrastructure as the preferred option for project planners and investors;
  • accelerate circular economy and support ambitious legislation in Europe;
  • support the redesign of plastics to enable circular material flow.

Find out how MAVA’s Action Plans contribute to creating a sustainable economy and who some of the passionate partners dedicated to implementing them in the field are.

Impact & Sustainability

Impact & Sustainability

Listen to Thierry Renaud, Simon Mériaux and Nathalie Cadot from MAVA’s Impact & Sustainability Unit

As we approach the end of our grant-making in 2022, securing lasting impact and financial sustainability for our partners is a priority that is shaping everything we do.

Nothing is more important to us than our partners’ continued delivery of successful conservation.

To ensure they flourish once MAVA funding ends, and to reinforce the support we provide through our Programmes, our Impact & Sustainability Unit is investing in the development of a dynamic conservation community.

Working across four nested levels – individual, organisational, societal and financial – our aim is to ensure our partners continue to drive change and deliver lasting results.

Find out how we are creating impact and sustainability through our dedicated Action Plans.

Global Projects

Global Projects

Taking on broad threats and cross-cutting issues, our global grants give us the flexibility to support important initiatives that complement our priority programmes and help secure a future for people and nature.

Find out more about some of the passionate partners dedicated to working with us on these issues.