"We didn’t dictate to our partners what they should do, we tried to help them find their own way.
We were convinced that conservation projects would have lasting results only when they germinated and grew by their own strength."

Evaluating impact collaboratively

In our final year, we evaluated the degree to which our desired outcomes had been reached at three different levels: foundation, programmes and Outcome Action Plans.


We evaluated what the foundation’s main impacts were over the years and what challenges remained.


Each of the five MAVA Programmes (Mediterranean Basin, West Africa, Switzerland, Sustainable Economy, Impact & Sustainability) assessed what difference the programmes made and how this was achieved. This was done based on the results of their respective Outcome Action Plans.

Outcome Action Plans (OAPs)

Each of the 24 partnerships collectively evaluated and discussed the implementation and effectiveness of their strategies, the attainment of their outcomes in 2022 and their sustainability post MAVA. This led to 24 Outcome Action Plan Final Evaluations.