Filling the Gap in Financing Conservation: Learnings from the MAVA Foundation

How can philanthropy be used to generate additional, sustainable, and innovative funding for conservation, you may wonder?

During our activity as philanthropic donors, besides funding over one billion Euros worth of projects, we supported the experimentation of several financial mechanisms aimed at sustaining conservation efforts beyond our direct contributions. The publication Filling the gap in financing conservation: Learnings from the MAVA Foundation presents and shares some examples of financial mechanisms tested and implemented through our portfolio of projects. For each of these mechanisms, we provide a general definition, followed by a description of its specific characteristics in the context of MAVA-supported initiatives. We then share our reflections about the mechanism’s potentials and limitations.

We hope this publication will serve as a practical resource for funders and conservation practitioners.

Download our new publication ‘Filling the gap in financing conservation: Learnings from the MAVA Foundation’ here.


This publication is part of a series of MAVA learning products developed to reflect on and share the foundation’s learnings about institution processes and ways of working at foundation level, including challenges faced in carrying our conservation actions – to inspire donor strategies and best practices.

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