MAVA Memories

A project that brings the MAVA community together to celebrate their achievements and successes since the foundation was created in 1994.

All story collection rounds will be closing on 1 July 2022 end of the day. This is your last chance to submit a story!

About the project

Between February and end June 2022, we will capture and help unlock the stories and experiences of our community of partners from their years collaborating with MAVA. Voices that Count is guiding us in this process and has developed the tools to facilitate the story collection.

Our partners’ memories and their understanding of how together we have impacted people’s lives and relationship with nature is part of the legacy we wish to leave behind post-2022, once we have closed.

We wish to celebrate and share what was achieved together over the years. And we hope to inspire the next generation of conservationists, donors and change-makers to continue MAVA’s mission and vision.

Story collection rounds

We aim to collect as many stories as possible through multiple story harvest moments, each one coming from a different angle.

The whole MAVA community will be approached via e-newsletters and online group harvest moments to share their stories and answer some follow-up questions aiming to provide specific context details to the stories. The deadline for all rounds is 1 July 2022.

What we will do with the stories

Throughout the story collection rounds, we will be regularly extracting our partners’ insights and unique perspectives, and will then share them with the whole MAVA network of partners and friends.

A selection of the inspiring and fond memories will also be featured in a series of communications products planned to celebrate MAVA’s journey: a commemorative book, a digital story map, and more.

Ultimately, all our partners stories, experiences and anecdotes will give life to the multifaceted MAVA identity which they helped build over the last three decades.

Discover some of the stories we have already received here.


To learn more about this MAVA Memories project, you can contact Nathalie Cadot, Impact & Sustainability Manager.

If you have specific questions about one of the story collection rounds, or technical difficulties responding to the questions, you can contact Ilenia Piergallini, MAVA Memories Community Manager.