West Africa is experiencing considerable expansion in offshore oil and gas exploration which present both a significant development opportunity and potentially serious risks to people, economy and environment if not properly managed.

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Our aim is to anticipate and manage the environmental risks of offshore oil and gas activities and to reconcile the sustainable use of marine resources with the development of the offshore extractive sector, by:

  • Strengthening the partnership of this action plan,
  • Improving knowledge and capacity for citizen engagements
  • Implementing monitoring and information,
  • Developing response plans,
  • Strengthening and implementing regulations.
Bambung MPA (c) François Nimal


Our priority countries are Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone.


  • BiodiverCités
  • CIPA
  • Conservation Society Sierra Leone
  • DEEC
  • Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone
  • Green Senegal
  • IBAP
  • PRCM
  • Tiniguena

Budget 2020-2022

Co-financing: EUR 415 000

Total: EUR 1 747 596

MAVA: EUR 1 332 596

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Salla Ba

Manager, West Africa

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