Individual talent prospers within dynamic organisations, and we will only ever be as successful as our partners are strong, capable and strategic.

The long-term sustainability of our partners is a key component of the work we have done together over many years. To help them prepare for success after the end of MAVA’s funding in 2022, we are offering several types of support.

Organisational Development

Our Organisational Development programme focuses on strengthening the autonomy and resilience of select partners critical to our mission so they can deliver effective conservation without our support.

Taking a holistic approach, we examine all aspects of how a particular organisation functions, from mission, governance and strategy to communications, membership and fundraising, and identify what kind of development is needed.

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A holistic approach

Organisational Development relies on a structured partnership approach between the partner, MAVA and an external advisor across four stages:

  • conducting an in-depth organisational health-check
  • developing a practical and fundable Organisational Development action plan
  • implementation, monitoring and adaptation
  • reporting on progress

Selected partners need to be ready for a challenging journey of reflection, mutual learning and opportunity.

We undertake Organisational Development according to a number of principles, including:

    • partners set the direction for their own development
    • partners are willing to participate and open to change
  • support packages are tailor-made for each partner
  • participation requires the involvement of the whole organisation

Find out more in our Welcome to Organisational Development brochure.

Fundraising boost

Fundraising is a key component for organisational resilience and long term-sustainability.
We are offering the following course and grants to help our partners strengthen their fundraising capacities:

1/ ONLINE COURSE: To guide organisations through the main steps of the development/strengthening of a fundraising strategy, MAVA has partnered with Acumen Academy to develop an online course, ‘Nonprofit Fundraising Essentials: Embrace Entrepreneurial and Strategic Approaches to Fundraise More Effectively’.

The course is a 6-week learning experience (4 hours/week) and is currently only available in English (the course will be available in French in 2021). It is free for everyone (partners and non-partners) and the upcoming session will start on 13 October 2020. Register here.

2/ CALL FOR PROPOSALS: We are now launching a second call for proposals to continue giving the opportunity to MAVA partners to strengthen and adapt their fundraising. The call comes as a second step, for partners who already have the basis of their fundraising plan in place, developed through the Acumen course or by other means.

The call is only for MAVA partners and sub-contractors. The deadline to submit a proposal is 19 January 2021. More information about the call, including eligibility and selection criteria, can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Focus on one of our partners

Fundação Tartaruga, the Cape Verde branch of the Turtle Foundation, is a key partner for Loggerhead turtle conservation.

Our Organisational Development supports both the Turtle Foundation and Fundação Tartaruga on their own individual and linked journeys. Seeking to strengthen their respective roles and identities, both organisations are exploring how best to ensure financial sustainability in the coming years.

Ukie Resende
(c) Turtle Foundation

Ukie Resende

Fundaçao Tartaruga
Children recognize the logo on the truck and call out, ‘Fundação!’, and lots of local people call me ‘Tartaruga’! More and more people here are learning about and supporting turtle conservation.”


For Organisational Development: Simon Mériaux

For Fundraising activities: Nathalie Cadot

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