We believe a vibrant civil society sector is a prerequisite for effective conservation.

Through small grants, we support the growth of civil society in North and West Africa and the southern and eastern Mediterranean.

Complementing organisational development, our Small Grants Programme fosters the emergence of new and enterprising groups and initiatives.

Together with the Fonds Français pour l’Environnement Mondial (FFEM), MAVA has been supporting the Small-scale Initiatives Programmes for a long time. Simon Mériaux, MAVA Impact & Sustainability Manager, talks about the work of the Small-scale Initiatives Programmes and explains why MAVA is investing in small grants.

Focus on one of our partners

The Programme de Petites Initiatives pour les Organisations de la Société Civile d’Afrique du Nord (PPI OSCAN) is a good example of how our small grants look beyond simply short-term support for project activities. Read about our inspirational partner Maher Mahjoub who co-ordinates the programme.


Maher Mahjoub
Maher Mahjoub (c) IUCN

Maher Mahjoub

Having worked as civil servant and with NGOs, I know both worlds well, and can bridge between them. I’m a chameleon! Most of all, I want to bring hope by helping people rely on themselves.


Simon Mériaux

Manager, Impact & Sustainability

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