The objective of this initiative (F4B) is to trigger transformative change at the nexus of finance and biodiversity. But proposing to focus on financing is not just about the search for adequate risk adjusted financial returns to private financial capital.


Financing is as much to do with the complex social, economic and political interests, values and norms. Critical to the initiative is a strategic focus designed to intervene effectively and drive fundamental change in a complex and multifaceted financial system.

The Finance for Biodiversity initiative aims to help reverse the widescale destruction of biodiversity by driving financing (and its pervasive influence on the economy and environment) both out of activities that destroy biodiversity and into those that help preserve it. The focus is on:

  • Market efficiency and innovation

  • Biodiversity-related liability

  • Bridging biodiversity policy and financial rules and behaviour

  • Citizen engagement and public campaigns

  • Responses to the COVID crisis

More details available on the initiative’s website.


  • Eppel Sustainability
  • Global Strategic Communications Council
  • Marianne Haahr
  • Mark Halle
  • Simon Zadek
  • Swiss Philanthropy Foundation
  • Vivid Economics


MAVA has allocated CHF 10 million for the three-year lifespan of this initiative.

We welcome any financing partnership that can grow and continue this initiative.


Holger Schmid

Director, Switzerland Sustainable Economy

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