Despite its small size, Vaud contains unique ecosystems. These are under the influence of high population density, and half of all types are listed in the IUCN Red List.
Vaud has sound biodiversity and a good understanding of habitat and threats. Reinforcing partner networks and collaboration is key.

We aim to conserve and restore functional ecosystems and interconnected living landscapes in Vaud by:

  • supporting regional habitat connectivity projects
  • increasing capacities of project leaders working on river revitalisation
  • strengthening regional framework conditions and institutional collaboration
Libellula quadrimaculata (c) Jérôme Pellet


Spreading across the Jura mountains in the west, the Plateau and the Alps in the east, the canton of Vaud is a showcase of European habitats.


  • Birdlife Suisse/ASPO
  • CSCF
  • Etat de Vaud
  • Fondation Phragmites
  • Grand Cariçaie
  • IUCN
  • Parc Jura Vaudois
  • Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d’Enhaut
  • ProNatura
  • WWF

Focus on the 'Plateforme Nature Vaudoise'

Our strategy in Vaud focuses on innovative institutional collaborations between public administrations and NGOs.
Read about this federating platform of nature conservation actors.

Plateforme Nature Vaudoise
(c) Jérôme Pellet

Plateforme Nature Vaudoise

We all need to sing from the same hymn sheet to persuade municipalities that paying foresters to leave a forest alone is a better investment than suffering the costs of flood damage or polluted water resulting from forest degradation. - Jérôme Pellet, MAVA

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Do you know that habitat fragmentation is one of the principal causes of biodiversity loss in the canton de Vaud?
See what the Parc Jura Vaudois is doing on this topic


Total budget 2020-2022: CHF 17.5 million

MAVA allocation: CHF 3.2 million

Cofinancing: CHF 14 million (from the Federal Office of the Environment, the Direction Générale de l’Environnement (Canton Vaud), the Swiss Landscape Fund, Pro Natura Vaud, WWF Vaud, BirdLife Switzerland)


Jérôme Pellet

Manager, Switzerland

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