Over the last decade, governments and businesses have become more aware of their dependence on natural capital. The Sustainable Development Goals support conservation and sustainable resource use, and many Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes have been established.

Yet much green economy thinking is biased towards renewable energy production and until natural capital protection is embedded in economic planning and strategy, conservation will remain piecemeal and the green economy transition unrealised.

We aim to integrate Natural Capital conservation and restoration into National Green Economy transition by:

  • demonstrating and communicating the value and potential of a natural capital based green economy transition
  • connecting natural capital with green economy
  • improving natural capital valuation
  • increasing investment in natural capital

Our focus is global with around 20 per cent of activities taking place in MAVA focal regions.

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  • Finance Watch
  • Green Economy Coalition
  • Green Growth
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of all our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation.
These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Oliver Greenfield
Oliver Greenfield (c) GEC

Oliver Greenfield

Green Economy Coalition
"A life with purpose is a life well lived. Mine is taking on the failings of our economic system, manifest in a deeply unfair society and a severely degraded environment."

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Annual Budget

MAVA has allocated €2,000,000 annually to this Action Plan


Additional co-funding is needed to ensure our partners’ work continues when our grant-making ends in 2022


      Holger Schmid

      Director, Sustainable Economy


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