Exploitation of small pelagics by industrial and artisanal fisheries is a major economic and social challenge for the countries of West Africa. These fisheries are offering significant employment opportunities in the artisanal sector and are important for local food security, as well as being an important part of the marine ecosystem. To date, a lack of reliable fish catch data has hampered stock management initiatives.

We aim to improve the sustainability of artisanal small pelagic fisheries and to base the exploitation of targeted small pelagics on sound scientific data, by:

  • improving data collection and scientific knowledge of stocks and critical sites of small pelagics
  • building capacity for effective management of critical sites and sustainable exploitation of small pelagics
  • supporting civil society advocacy for transparency and implementation of small pelagic fishery regulations
Pirogue traditionelle (c) Nathalie Cadot


Our focus is on Mauritania, Senegal, the Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde for improving knowledge on stocks and critical pilot sites, and all seven countries of the SRFC / CSRP for capacity building and advocacy.


  • CSRP
  • PRCM

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation.
These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Marie Suzanna Traoré

Marie Suzanna Traoré

Leading an organisation as a woman in Africa can be difficult but what’s more important than my gender is first and foremost, my steadfast perseverance and commitment to my convictions, as a person.

Annual Budget

MAVA has allocated € 1,170,000 annually to this Action Plan

Additional co-funding is needed to ensure our partners’ work continues when our grant-making ends in 2022.


Marie Madeleine Gomez

Manager, West Africa

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