Videos to highlight why we should care about coastal wetlands

Wetlands are at the heart of life itself. They give us our drinking water, irrigate our crops, support huge biodiversity, underpin cultures, and are increasingly vital in the fight to mitigate and adapt to climate change. But wetlands are also one of the most fragile and ecosystems, declining very quickly.

This is why MAVA has been supporting an initiative called ‘Wetland-Based Solutions’, made up of more than 30 wetland expert organisations in the Mediterranean. Active in six key projects, the initiative aims at saving, restoring and managing these vital ecosystems.

At the same time, the initiative has ramped up communications about the importance of coastal wetlands and produced a series of instructive videos that explain the activities in the concerned sites:

Another series of videos tells the stories of ‘ Mediterranean Wetlanders’, men and women who are devoting their time and energy to safeguarding wetlands:

Learn more about the initiative here and about MAVA’s action plan on enhancing the conservation of coastal wetlands here.

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