The European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 now available online

The European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 (EBBA2) is one of the most ambitious biodiversity mapping projects ever done. Collaborating across political borders, a network of 120,000 people and organisations worked together in one of the biggest citizen science projects on biodiversity ever to produce the atlas. MAVA was the main supporter of this huge project which honors the memory, passion and engagement of its founder, Luc Hoffmann, and represents a major legacy for nature conservation in Europe

One year after its publication, the EEBA2 can now be found online. Anybody can access it and browse through the European distribution maps of all breeding birds, zoom in to see details on breeding occurrence and abundance, combine maps of a given species in the same view or travel back to the 1980s to see the distribution in the first Atlas (EBBA1) and how it has changed since then.

This website complements the book but is not a substitute. The website shows all the maps from EBBA1 and EBBA2, including those that could not be published in the book for space reasons. However, texts on species and general chapters in the book provide additional information important for the interpretation of the maps. The book can be ordered at Lynx edicions.

More information here.

EBBA2 website citation

EBCC (2022). European Breeding Bird Atlas 2 website. European Bird Census Council. Accessed from: (Day/Month/Year).

EBBA2 book citation

Keller, V., Herrando, S., Voříšek, P., Franch, M., Kipson, M., Milanesi, P., Martí, D., Anton, M., Klvaňová, A., Kalyakin, M.V., Bauer, H.-G. & Foppen, R.P.B. (2020). European Breeding Bird Atlas 2: Distribution, Abundance and Change. European Bird Census Council & Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

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