New species named after Dr Luc Hoffmann

The Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research (HISR) with the support of MAVA and WWF Greece, initiated the project “Conservation of the Cave Fauna of Greece” that is identifying the so far unknown species and habitats of the caves of the country. An inventory has been developed and published, which we recently announced.

Among the fauna inventoried, some new species have been identified and were described in the European Journal of Taxonomy. Seven new species of the Dipluran subfamily Plusiocampinae were described. One of the species (Plusiocampa hoffmanni), an elegant troglobiont endemic to Crete (Greece), was named after our founder Dr Luc Hoffmann:  “…Luc Hoffmann (1923–2016), an extraordinary man, a naturalist and philanthropist, who helped create many international conservation organisations and supported conservation research and actions in the Mediterranean and elsewhere”.

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