Sharing, Humanity and Humility…

Sharing, Humanity and Humility… These three words were a constant echo during the seven days of the recent MAVA Leaders for Nature Programme virtual gathering.

Launched at the end of 2020, the MAVA Leaders for Nature Programme is a francophone leadership development programme for MAVA partners based in the West Africa and Mediterranean regions.

Through this programme, based on the three pillars of leading self, navigating systems and effective communication, the objective is to accompany these leaders on their leadership journey towards an effective, sustainable and inclusive leadership style.

The virtual gathering took place from 14 to 23 June 2021.

During the first week, participants were introduced to the concepts of systems thinking, storytelling, self-care and cultural intelligence. In the second week they were asked to take all the learning from the previous week and put them into practice in a leadership project which they presented to their colleagues and a panel.

Among the highlights of these two weeks was a demonstration of the use of the coaching approach as an effective communication tool through a conversation between Mr. André Hoffmann, President of the MAVA Foundation and Mr. Mouhcine Ayouche, Executive Coach. During this conversation, Mr Hoffmann insisted on the importance of seeing leadership as something participative, human and collaborative. He concluded by urging to “make a net contribution” to the cause of nature conservation and more generally to the betterment of humanity by “advancing the notions of equity, humility and balance with nature” in a collaborative manner. Watch the conversation here.

The participants also had a great example of storytelling as a stakeholder engagement tool with the intervention of Mr Steven Bedi (Panelys Cash) and that of Mr Fernando García Ferreiro during which he shared his experience and journey as a leader towards well-being and self-care. He invited the participants to consider prioritisation as a tool that can help them manage their energy as leaders and therefore ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of their actions.

Julia Middleton, founder of Common Purpose, skilfully summarised the main points explored during the two weeks and gave concrete examples of how these can be translated into everyday life.

Charlotte Karibuhoye and Paule Gros from the MAVA Foundation were the panelists before whom the participants presented their leadership projects. The participants delivered presentations rich in content and emotion that integrated concrete change projects and promised to have an impact.

The gathering ended with a moment of sharing rich in emotions, humility and humanity.

Participants will meet again for peer-to-peer coaching sessions on Tuesday 13 July 2021 and Tuesday 14 September 2021 and then conclude their journey through the programme with a graduation ceremony in October 2021.

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