Setting priorities for wetland restoration in the Mediterranean

Wetlands in the Mediterranean are under increasing pressure, very often causing their destruction or degradation. There is a consensus among the conservation community that urgent action needs to be taken to restore the wetlands that have undergone ecological change.

Wetland restoration is one of the priorities of MAVA’s action plan on coastal wetlands in the Mediterranean. Therefore, within the frame of this action plan, WWF-Spain coordinated between December 2020 and March 2021 an online survey in order to compile a list of wetlands that need to be restored in the Mediterranean region.

The objective of this survey is to obtain a more realistic target of the number of hectares that should be be restored across the Mediterranean by 2022. A second objective is to provide data to support policy and advocacy actions in favor of Mediterranean wetlands.

WWF-Spain received 265 responses to the survey, corresponding to 224 wetland sites from 24 countries. The total wetland area identified in the 265 responses is 399,912 hectares.

The data collected during the survey is available on an online app here.

The full report of the survey can be downloaded here.

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