Poilão: a sacred island for sea turles

The West African region is of global importance for sea turtles. Indeed, some of the world’s largest populations of loggerhead turtles breed in Cabo Verde and green turtles in Guinea-Bissau. One of MAVA’s key priorities in West Africa is the protection of these sea turtle breeding sites.

In Guinea Bissau, we work with the Institute for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Guinea-Bissau (IBAP) which is charged with managing, protecting and conserving the country’s biodiversity and natural ecosystems. IBAP and its research partners are particularly involved in the conservation of sea turtles on the sacred island of Poilão, in the Bijagós Archipelago. Here, every year, between July and October, driven by instinct, thousands of green sea turtles from all over West Africa return to the very place they were born.

Watch the new mini-documentary produced by IBAP which tells you all about their extraordinary sea turtle conservation work in Poilão:

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