Planet Tracker – A Key Player to Watch

Our current model of finance continues to operate a fundamentally extractive relationship with the planet that sustains us, failing to recognise critical ecological limits (‘planetary boundaries’). If we want to find ways to stop the depletion of nature, our financial system needs to be re-wired at a scale and speed not experienced to-date.

The Carbon Tracker Initiative is bringing new insights to the climate agenda by translating an abstract carbon budget into hard financial implications for investors in fossil fuel corporations, generating a new narrative of unburnable carbon, stranded assets and wasted capital in the process.

Building on Carbon Tracker’s approach, MAVA contributed to the launch of Planet Tracker in 2017, – a non-profit think tank aligning capital markets with planetary boundaries. The think tank was created to investigate the risk of market failure related to environmental limits. This investigation is primarily for the investor community where environmental limits, other than climate change, are poorly understood, even more poorly communicated and not aligned with investor capital.

Now, at not even three years old, Planet Tracker has been named as one of only four ‘Key Players to Watch’ in the category: Nature Takes Root on the Balance Sheet in the latest GreenBiz State of Green Business 2021. This exciting nomination is very encouraging and shows that the cutting-edge research undertaken by the Planet Tracker staff is vitally important and needs to continue for the benefit of a more sustainable global economic system.

Learn more about Planet Tracker.

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