Partnership for coastal wetlands in the Mediterranean

Working in partnership since 2017, fifteen organisations present their common groundbreaking work to preserve and restore coastal wetlands in the Mediterranean in a new publication.

Wetlands are at the heart of life itself. They give us our drinking water, irrigate our crops, support huge biodiversity, underpin cultures, and are increasingly vital in the fight to mitigate and adapt to climate change. But our wetlands are in trouble. In the Mediterranean we’ve destroyed about half of our wetlands in the last 50 years, and there are intense pressures on remaining areas, most of which are damaged and degraded.

In 2017, Off Your Map – a partnership of 15 organisations led by MedWet – was formed with the support of MAVA to tackle together the issue of coastal wetland conservation in the Mediterranean. The initiative promotes the critical role that coastal wetlands play as resilient nature-based solutions to the climate crisis, and advocates for a more effective conservation of the rich natural and cultural heritage of wetland sites.

Off Your Map’ new publication explains why coastal wetlands matter, particularly when it comes to climate change. But it also showcases the high value and extended impact that NGOs focused on similar key conservations issues can have when working in partnership.

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