Migratory birds nesting again in Montenegro

About 50 pairs of common terns have been nesting on artificial rafts in the Ulcinj Salina in southern Montenegro.

The Ulcinj Salina are one of the most important wetlands in the Balkans. They are also a hub for birds migrating along the Adriatic Flyway. Since the salt production stopped in the region in 2013, the infrastructure has deteriorated, making the area inhospitable for nesting birds, especially common terns.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, the Centre for Protection and Research of Birds in Montenegro (CZIP), based on a positive experience with the Dalmatian Pelican at Lake Skadar, installed a 24m2 artificial raft on the salt marshes in 2019 to allow the birds to breed safely. This proved to be a great success, with some 30 pairs nesting there that year.

CZIP decided to repeat the experience this year with an additional raft. Thanks to video monitoring, it will be possible to determine the exact number of nesting birds and the nesting success rate.

CZIP is implementating this project within the frame of MAVA’s action plan on enhancing the conservation of coastal wetlands.

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