MAVA will be present at the IUCN World Conservation Congress

The MAVA Foundation is organising and supporting various sessions at the upcoming IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille from 3-11 September 2021. Below is an outline of some key sessions highlighting the work we support and you can check the MAVA events programme here.

Mediterranean Solutions Stand

The Mediterranean Solutions stand brings together 11 organisations with different skills, different backgrounds and different ways of operating, but who share the same goal: to kickstart a nature-based recovery across the basin, and get on course for a sustainable, equitable future that balances economic growth and the health of the natural world. They also share a fundamental belief that we are stronger together than apart.

MAVA is supporting a number of sessions and will be hosting events on the Mediterranean Solutions stand, where together with our partners, we will be exchanging and sharing thoughts on what we have learnt as part of the MAVA community working in the Mediterranean Basin and exploring how partnerships can lead the way to a sustainable future.

Conservation Finance Pavilion

The Conservation Finance Pavilion, hosted by the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA), provides a central hub to share knowledge, innovation, and build awareness on conservation finance. The Pavilion includes programming and events, networking, and collaboration of the CFA members, partners and friends.

The Pavilion programme includes diverse networking and knowledge sharing opportunities covering topics such as innovation (CFA Incubator), impact investing, Conservation Trust Funds, Protected Areas Finance, marine and coastal finance, biodiversity offsets, payment for ecosystem services, and more. Sessions will range from intimate discussions and brainstorming through large sessions with simultaneous webcasting.

CALAO – a multi-stakeholders coalition for coastal conservation in West Africa

The CALAO stand (CALAO: French acronym for “La coalition des acteurs de la conservation du littoral ouest africain”, coalition of actors for the conservation of the West African coast) brings together around ten partners from NGOs, civil society organisations and government entities. It is a space aimed at publicising the conservation initiatives underway in the sub-region, celebrating successful experiences and sharing lessons learnt. The CALAO stand is also a space that aims to promote new partnerships between partners active (and those planning to intervene) in West Africa. The partners will showcase conservation work that is being implemented in the framework of MAVA supported strategic partnerships and beyond.

Check the MAVA events programme here.


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