MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy: work is continuing!

Launched in March 2018, the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy is developing leaders in the conservation sector, specifically supporting senior and young professionals from MAVA Foundation’s partner organisations. Delivered by Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring who are recognised and applauded experts in their respective fields, the Academy has six cohorts (one French-speaking and five English-speaking); four have graduated and two are currently ongoing.

Farewell to our fourth cohort…

On 18 January 2022, we gathered online for the graduation ceremony of the fourth cohort. Mentors and mentees shared words of appreciation towards each other, acknowledging the value of their relationship as the effects of the pandemic continue to require constant adaptability in the face of uncertainty. The mutual feelings of gratitude ran high; it was a bittersweet moment for us all.

It is now time for our graduates to continue integrating their Academy learnings (Leading Beyond Authority, Mentoring, Innovation and Coaching) within themselves, their teams and organisations. Many will also continue to nurture and benefit from their mentoring relationships beyond the Academy.

Learn more about our Cohort 4 alumni here.

The Academy has left a big impact on how I perceive myself as a professional. Through peer exchanges and my relationship with my mentor, I learned so much about the different forms good leadership can take.”, Pommelien da Silva Cosme, Morocco Programme Director, Global Diversity Foundation

… and welcome back to our fifth cohort and sixth cohorts!

Following their first gathering in September 2021, our 30 nature leaders gathered for eight days over the last two weeks of January (Cohort 5) and February (Cohort 6) 2022.

During our time together, our participants:

  • Developed greater inter-generational understanding and cooperation
  • Were introduced to the Common Purpose Leading Beyond Authority (LBA) thought leadership
  • Were introduced to Mowgli’s mentoring experience skills and practice for mentors and mentees
  • Modelled leadership effectiveness through exchanges with contributors
  • Built deeper relationships across the diverse community of MAVA partners

Once introduced to LBA and Mentoring, Senior Professionals were trained in key approaches, skills and practice as mentors, whilst Young Professionals developed their awareness of leadership. Both Senior and Young Professionals then had a chance to bond with each other through experiential learning activities designed to accelerate relationship development amongst peers.

Participants also had the opportunity to broaden their horizons as they met and exchanged with a variety of experienced leaders who model Leading Beyond Authority, working within and beyond the conservation sector. These include Albert Tucker (independent consultant), Saddam Sayyaleh (ILearn), Aline Bussmann (CEWAS), Abdallah Aslahman (Shape Shifters), Eric Asmar (Happy Smala), Mariana Paoli (Christian Aid)

We celebrated our newly matched mentoring pairs, each mentor and mentee from different organisations in the MAVA Network, who will be embarking on their mentoring journey for the rest of the Academy year, with the support of Mowgli Mentoring. We cannot wait to see how our mentoring pairs grow and learn together. The Senior Professionals will also be reconnecting with their coaches to reflect on and transfer the Academy learnings acquired so far.

This training has been a journey through countries, cultures, ways of being but also, and mainly, it has been an internal journey that has taken me to many places that I have understood that I need to go if I want to become a good mentor and a good “leader beyond authority“. Rita Sá, Head of the Oceans and Fisheries Programme, Associação Natureza Portugal – WWF Portugal

What’s next?

Cohort 5 will reunite in May 2022 and Cohort 6 in June 2022 for their third Gathering where they will experience a mentoring relationship refresher facilitated by Mowgli Mentoring and a Common Purpose led innovation process called the Innoventure.

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