The heritage of Tiniguena’s new generation: new book

In 2019, MAVA provided funding for several ‘Learning Grants’ in order to encourage a learning culture and increase knowledge among the conservation community. One of these grants was awarded to Tiniguena in Guinea-Bissau for a project entitled: Héritage de la Nouvelle Génération de Tiniguena, école de pensée et de citoyenneté.

Nouvelle Génération de Tiniguena, une Ecole pour la Vie ! – Une expérience d’éducation à l’environnement et à la citoyenneté en Guinée-Bissau“, is the outcome of this funding (in French and in Portuguese only). The authors are Pierre Campredon, Augusta Henriques and Miguel de Barros.

The book is the outcome of an effort to systematise and capitalise on Tiniguena’s innovative experience, carried out within the framework of the project “GNT Héritage“, financed by MAVA. It involved 11 study visits by high school students from the capital to natural and cultural heritage sites in Guinea-Bissau, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, support for GNT, a group created by adolescents who participated in these study visits, aiming to conserve this heritage.

Various videos produced as part of GNT’s capitalisation of experience are also available on Tiniguena’s Youtube channel.

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