Green Economy Global Barometer 2020

The Green Economy Coalition has recently launched its new flagship report funded by MAVA –  Global Green Economy Barometer 2020 – which lays out the status of the transition to green and fair economic policy making. Based on research and interviews, the 2020 Barometer finds that the transition to greener economies has reached a new turning point as the call for deep-rooted economic policy change is now coming from all quarters – central bankers, insurers, credit rating agencies, progressive businesses and the public.

The 2020 Barometer explores the speed of green economic reform across five essential themes – Nature, People, Sectors, Finance, and Governance. It finds:

  • The clean energy revolution is accelerating as ‘Green Deals’ and ‘net zero’ become the norm;
  • Some countries are beginning to move beyond GDP;
  • Businesses are embracing science-based sustainability targets;
  • The divestment movement continues to grow.

But there is little evidence that the more systemic shifts in economic and social policy making are taking effect. Our economies are still rigged to deliver efficiency and productivity above all else, meaning that the ‘brown’ economy still reigns.

Download the Full Report

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