Funders and Mediterranean partners meeting in Tunisia

For every end there is always a new beginning… (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

MAVA is preparing its closing by bringing together funders working in conservation in the Mediterranean and its Mediterranean strategic partners. This event, which will take place in Tunisia on 4 and 5 July 2022, will aim to connect a number of funders working in the Mediterranean with representatives from each of the action plans of the MAVA Mediterranean programme, namely; the Mediterranean Alliance For Wetlands, Together for the Med, the Mediterranean Nature and Culture Alliance, Safe Flyways and the Marine Turtle Conservation Group.

This meeting will provide an opportunity for MAVA’s partners to exchange ideas and build links with funders willing to invest in the areas that MAVA has always considered as priorities for conservation. Reciprocally, MAVA considers that partnerships offer an excellent opportunity for funders to engage effectively for a sustainable impact in the Mediterranean.

A moment of exchange, networking and perhaps prospects for new collaborations

This meeting will be an opportunity to celebrate partnerships and the collective impact of seven years of working together for biodiversity and sustainable development in the Mediterranean.

Partners will have the opportunity to promote their work through presentations and discussions, but also through an exhibition allowing for an interactive and dynamic exchange.

In order to reach a large number of funders, an online transmission is planned for those who could not come in person to Tunis.

With this event, MAVA is trying to address important issues such as the sustainability of its partners for the coming years as well as of the response to environmental challenges in the Mediterranean.

Stay tuned! You can follow the virtual session on MAVA’s LinkedIn page and on our Youtube page. Registration is not required.

Date and time of the virtual session: Monday 4 July, 7-8.30 pm CEST (6-7.30 pm in Tunis)

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