First ever application for a UNESCO biosphere reserve covering five countries

After many years of hard work, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia have recently submitted a joint application to UNESCO for recognition of a first 5-country biosphere reserve in the world.

The area also known as the ‘Amazon of Europe’ begins at the Austrian Mura River and extends over the Drava to the Danube in Serbia. With a total area of around 930,000 hectares and a length of 700 kilometres, this will become Europe’s largest protected river ecosystem.

This application is a milestone in the development of a Central European model region under UNESCO patronage in which nature conservation and sustainable regional development should go hand in hand” explains Arno Mohl, WWF project manager.

It is hoped that UNESCO will take a positive decision about this biosphere park in June 2020. MAVA has been supporting the work towards the creation of this transboundary park for many years and warmly congratulates all the parties involved, in particular WWF Austria, EuroNatur and the many local conservation partners in the five countries who have worked hard to get to this point.

Check out here for more information.

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