New film – The Story of Plastic

The issue of plastic pollution is systemic but we are seeing a new momentum. The key challenge is to use this new momentum to look for solutions to the root causes of the linear system and not short term fixes or displacement of the problem.

Through our action plan on redesigning plastics, MAVA is working with a number of organisations to build a global movement to end plastic pollution. One of these organisations is the Plastic Solutions Fund which recently funded the production of a new ground-breaking film: The Story of Plastic produced by The Story of Stuff Project, a non-profit dedicated to changing the way that we make, use, and throw away Stuff so that it is more sustainable, healthy, and fair.

Two of MAVA’s partners appear as heroes in the film: Joan-Marc Simon, Executive Director at Zero Waste Europe and senior participant in the MAVA 2018 Leaders for Nature Academy, as well as Delphine Alvares, European coordinator of the Break Free From Plastic movement.

“The Story of plastic is a film that brilliantly unveils the impact that decisions in one side of the world have on communities in the opposite end. It is a film about suffering but above all a film about hope, about how things could be if we would just agree to use plastic for the good of the people instead of for the greed of a few.” – Joan-Marc Simon, Zero Waste Europe

Watch the teaser here.

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