Environmental education at schools of the Alcudia municipality in Spain

Within the framework of the Outcome Action Plan on Coastal Wetlands in the Mediterranean, MAVA is funding several wetland restoration projects aiming to deliver a sound impact of the partnership until the end of 2022 when MAVA will be ceasing its grant-making activities. WWF Spain is coordinating the project for wetland restoration across the region and is implementing restoration actions in the wetlands of Maristany and Estany des Ponts in Spain, focusing especially on the control of alien invasive species.

Together with the Alcúdia Municipality, WWF Spain is undertaking environmental education activities in primary schools in the region on the importance of conserving and restoring the Maristany and Estany des Ponts wetlands. At the end of April 2022, 75 students had participated both in classroom activities and a field activity where they removed invasive exotic plant species in the wetland.

Work was also carried out by 60 students from the three high schools in the municipality who went on a field visit to the Maristany wetland. During the visit, they learnt about to the invertebrates of this natural site and helped remove invasive plants.

The involvement of young people in the restoration of these wetlands is essential to ensure the long-term conservation of these natural sites and to gain the support of the local population. By removing exotic vegetation with their own hands, the pride of seeing these areas restored will hopefully positively mark their future relationship with this natural space.

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