Enhancing MAVA’s legacy on wetland restoration

In accordance with the plans for the conservation of coastal wetlands across the Mediterranean outlined within the Outcome Action Plan M3, MAVA has approved almost 1 million Euros for the implementation of four wetland restoration projects before October 2022 in Sardinia, Spain and Montenegro. This aims to ensure successful restoration efforts before MAVA’s closing, thereby contributing to the UN Decade on Restoration. These are the four proposals approved and ready to start soon:

– Habitat improvement at the SPA Maristany Marshes (Mallorca, Spain). This project lead by WWF will be focus on removing accumulations of the polychaete Ficopomatus enigmaticus, dredging part of the southern area and connecting it with the free waters of the northern area, creating islands for bird nesting, as well as removing debris and rubbish and invasive vegetation. (153,200 Euros)

– Bringing socio-ecosystemic life to the Bay of Cadiz saltpans. In this project SEO/BirdLife will lead the transformation of a part of these degraded wetlands into dynamic spaces, recovering the saltpans’ productive capacity by means of sustainable management, thus maintaining their traditional economic, social, and environmental functions. (224,600 Euros)

– MedIsWet-Laguna di Nora project. The objective of this project lead by UNICA-CCB is to prevent livestock from accessing the lagoon banks in order to avoid the reduction in nesting of the Audouin’s gull that has been observed these last years due to this reason. (20.000 Euros)

– Restoring Ulcinj Salina for nature and people project. A group of NGOs (EuroNatur, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia, Tour du Valat, CZIP, MSJA) will promote the restoration of a future Natura 2000 site that was believed to be lost, with the potential to create one of the biggest success stories for nature conservation along the Adriatic east coast in recent times! The restoration of the salina would benefit both, the conservation of nature and the local economy. (Euros 535,000).

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