Call for proposals : monk seal conservation

In 2019, MAVA engaged with four other foundations (the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Segré Foundation, the Sancta Devota Foundation and the Thalassa Foundation) for the preservation of the Mediterranean monk seal by forming the ‘Monk Seal Alliance’.

The monk seal is a particularly vulnerable emblematic species – categorised as ‘endangered’ in IUCN’s red list – and has been identified as a priority species in  MAVA’s strategy for many years. Over decades, MAVA has supported the conservation of a unique monk seal colony in Cap Blanc, Mauritania, which represents about half of the whole monk seal population. The Monk Seal Alliance gives MAVA the opportunity to connect its activities in West Africa and in the Mediterranean, thereby covering the entire distribution area.

The Monk Seal Alliance is launching its first two calls for collaborative project proposals. More information and application for both calls here.

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