New book on the João Vieira e Poilão National Marine Park

The Institute for Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Guinea-Bissau (IBAP) published on 11 March 2022 a book entitled ‘Parque Nacional Marinho de João Vierira e Poilão – Biodiversidade e Conservação’ (in Portuguese only) – the result of a broad partnership or researchers and technicians from various institutions in Guinea-Bissau on Portugal.

Based on information collected in the last two decades and on existing bibliography, this book seeks, for the first time, to compile the important body of knowledge acquired on the João Vieira e Poilão National Marine Park, a jewel of the Bijagós archipelago in Guinea-Bissau.

Written in a simple and clear language, with inspiring illustrations, this book presents in a didactic way the ecological, biological, socioeconomic and cultural values, as well as the human communities of the park, but also the main threats that weigh on this protected area. Appropriate measures and actions are also identified to improve knowledge and conservation of the park.

The book is an excellent tool for academic and professional training, but also for environmental education, serving as a reference for future research and biodiversity conservation work in the Park and in the Bijagós archipelago in general.

This book was published as part of the project “Participatory research at the service of biodiversity conservation in the João Vieira-Poilão National Marine Park” funded by MAVA . It constitutes an important contribution to the conservation of the Bijagós archipelago, an iconic site and a priority in the Foundation’s programme in West Africa.

Have a look at the official site of the book.

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