BlueSeeds takes off!

In 2016, a study on the financing of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea conducted by Vertigo Lab revealed the huge financing gap that restricts marine conservation actions from being effective and sustainable over the long term. From this study emerged a project that aimed to address this issue and develop innovative solutions to foster impactful and sustainable marine conservation actions: the BlueSeeds project was born.

The BlueSeeds team then worked on a range of entrepreneurial solutions aiming to remedy these shortcomings in traditional conservation mechanisms and foster the efficiency and sustainability in coastal and marine protected areas. BlueSeeds therefore tested new tools on 10 pilot sites all around the Mediterranean basin, developed partnerships with a diversity of private and public conservation stakeholders. Their goal: rethinking conservation to make it more impactful and sustainable.

After two years of development and with the support of MAVA, BlueSeeds has now taken off and become independent from Vertigo Lab.

BlueSeeds is now engaging in a 2-year sprint during which they will develop and structure the BlueSeeds team, while promoting their financing mechanisms solutions, technical assistance and trainings, as well as consolidating their business model.

What to learn more? Have a look BlueSeeds brand new website.

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