An animated journey along the Aoos/Vjosa river

A purple plane tree leaf stars in MedINA’s new animation video that has been produced within the framework of the project ‘Saving Europe’s last free-flowing river: Aoos/Vjosa’ – which is part of MAVA’s action plan on ensuring integrated management of river basins in the Mediterranean.

The plane tree leaf travels all the way from the river’s sources in Greece to its outlet in Albania, flowing through gorges, forests, plains, bridges, villages, and cities. Along its journey it encounters many of the emblematic species of the area such as bears, wolves, people, dragonflies, Egyptian vultures and woodpeckers, trouts, eels, otters, roe deers, wild boars, Balkan chamois and foxes!

MedINA is one of the Greek partners of the project and one of its main strategies is to raise awareness towards the need to strengthen the protection status of Aoos/Vjosa river. In Greece, the aim is to expand the borders of the Northern Pindos National Park towards the Greek-Albanian borders, in order to have the whole river basin under protection status, while in Albania the aim is to establish a Vjosa National Park along the river’s course. The project’s vision is to create a Transboundary Wild River Protected Area, that would be the first of its kind in Europe!

The Aoos/Vjosa river belongs to the Blue Heart of Europe and is considered one of the last free-flowing rivers in Europe, since except for a hydroelectric dam at its springs it flows for almost 270km without any artificial obstacles.

Partners: EuroNatur, Riverwatch, IUCN ECARO, EcoAlbania, Pindos Perivallontiki, MedINA, Tour du Valat

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