A new alliance to strengthen the promotion of sustainable land-use practices

Cultural practices and cultural landscapes in the Mediterranean region are key for ensuring an effective conservation of its biodiversity and for maintaining the wellbeing of communities. This is the strong belief of a group of organisations* who have recently joined forces with the support of MAVA and formed the new Alliance for Mediterranean Nature and Culture.

Aiming to recognise, promote and sustain practices that maintain these cultural landscapes, underpinned by its conviction that nature and culture are profoundly interconnected and together deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to society, the Alliance will work on the implementation of phase 2 of MAVA’s action plan on promoting sustainable land-use practices.

The Alliance is however not starting its work from scratch. It will build on the legacy of a partnership of organisations that launched the Mediterranean Consortium for Nature and Culture in 2013 and will also consolidate the successes of previous efforts of Alliance partners to raise awareness for cultural practices that have a positive impact on biodiversity in the Mediterranean. The Alliance embraces the goals of those previous initiatives and will carry forth their message and mission into the future.

We are proud that the Alliance could be set up as it represents a big step forward to maximise impact and sustainability in the Mediterranean region. Strong partnerships, led by innovative and dynamic partners, are crucial to deliver and replicate effective initiatives, and to pursue MAVA’s long-term vision well after we will have ceased our grant-making in 2022.


*As of February 2021, the Alliance is comprised of 13 organisations:

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