Four films to highlight our partners’ work

A first series of four short films featuring stories from our community of partners has just been launched on Following dedicated individuals working on the ground, the films seek to give an inspirational insight into the broader conservation work undertaken within the frame of our Strategic Partnerships.

The power of storytelling

In a world where the link between people and nature has become indisputable, sharing people’s stories and supporting empowerment and on-the-ground actions that work towards strengthening this connection is crucial. With our closing in mind, the desire to amplify impacts and bring the light on the work of our partners has become even more so relevant.

Over the last few months, we have been working with the Resilient Foundation and WaterBear Network to produce a first round of 4 WaterBear original short films. Addressing the protection of seabirds in Senegal, the participation of fishers in the implementation of a Marine Protected Area in Spain, the fight against corrupt hydropower development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the transition to a circular economy in Switzerland, the films cover a variety of topics reflecting the diversity of MAVA’s work.


Watch – Connect – Take Action

The films are available globally on the WaterBear platform, the first interactive streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. The platform is available for free and gives viewers the opportunity to connect to the partners and projects that are related to the focus of the film, and easily take action to support them.

Watch the inspiring films on our channel on the WaterBear platform here.


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