25 years of wolf presence in Switzerland: an interim assessment

In 2019, MAVA provided funding for several ‘Learning & Sharing Grants’ in order to give members of the conservation community the opportunity to disseminate the practical and technical lessons they have learnt.

One of these grants has enabled KORA (Carnivore Ecology & Wildlife Management), in collaboration with AGRIDEA (Developing Agriculture and Rural Areas) and the LBC (Laboratory for Conservation Biology, University of Lausanne), to publish a comprehensive report entitled “25 years of wolf presence in Switzerland”.

Various aspects about wolves are discussed in this report (including the evolution of the wolf situation in Switzerland and in Europe, conflicts with livestock farmers and hunters, wolves in the law and in society). It aims to provide an objective compilation of facts to serve as a base for the ongoing social and political debate about the wolf, which is often dominated by fear and fiction.

PDFs of the report are available in German, French and English here. Hard copies of the German and French version can be ordered from KORA on demand.

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