New analysis: Green Stimulus Index

Over the past two months the world has witnessed unprecedented government financial interventions in response to Covid-19. Governments have rightly put people first and focussed on the immediate implications of the crisis – with roughly 90% of the money going directly to individuals, households and those on the frontline.

But new analysis, by Vivid Economics and funded by MAVA, concludes that the remaining 11% of the money – roughly US$850 million – is going to support environmentally-intensive businesses directly, and that most governments are failing to use this support to secure medium-term benefits to their citizens’ welfare and the natural world around them.  As a result, the vast majority of the money going to business in the short term could be risking future environmental sustainability.

The coronavirus shows us that our fate is inextricably linked to that of the natural world. Governments might be inadvertently creating conditions which make things worse when they have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure short-term emergency measures lead to a better more resilient future.

This analysis falls within the frame of MAVA’s action plan on Financing for Biodiversity.

Should you have any feedback on this new index, contact Mateo Salazar.

View the report.

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