MERGING FOR IMPACT: Radically rethinking how we deliver impact, a new publication by MAVA

Is your organisation fit to tackle today’s challenges? The mission of a non-profit organisation is vast and complex, and the environment in which it operates is in constant evolution. Operational models that seemed relevant a few years ago might not be the best ones today, and the sector should explore innovative ways to deliver impact.

A new publication explores one radical option: merging with another actor in the field. Mergers are still uncommon in the non-profit sector, often met with fierce resistance. However, we are convinced that they can increase impact in many situations, and that they should thus be considered more often.

In 2015, MAVA Foundation merged with FIBA, becoming just one legal entity under the name of MAVA Foundation. Drawing from our experiences, this paper outlines what it takes to approach such a change in structure, then explores the impact we have measured from our merger through feedback from the field. Looking back, we are convinced the venture has been a success.

Are you ready to explore radical change? Then download our new publication ‘Merging for Impact: Radically rethinking how we deliver impact’ here.


This publication is part of a series of MAVA learning products developed to reflect on and share the foundation’s learnings about institution processes and ways of working at foundation level, including challenges faced in carrying our conservation actions – to inspire donor strategies and best practices.

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