Learning and sharing for nature – gathering and structuring knowledge for sharing with volunteers, conservation experts and future conservation leaders and professionals

With support from MAVA Learning and Sharing Grants that encourages experience and knowledge sharing, Association Biom empowered its role as leader and mentor to the conservation community in Croatia for two main topics – tackling bird poaching and nurturing young talents.

“Learning and Sharing for Nature” is a one-year project that enables sharing gained knowledge in nature conservation with key targeted audiences such as rangers, young professionals, volunteers and educational and scientific institutions.


As part of Biom’s Nurturing future conservation professionals and leaders activity, they organised 7-day knowledge and skill sharing and mentoring field work for 9 future ornithologists and mentored 4 young talents for 90 days. As a result the following outputs were developed:

As part of the Nurturing the volunteer knowledge activity, Biom improved 2 already existing citizen science monitoring actions by organising online lectures and coordinating and mentoring 10 groups of volunteers in field in different regions. For the activity the following outputs were developed:

  • “Guidelines for implementation of IWC and Eagle Owl monitoring as citizen science action” have a goal to give more structure the existing citizen science project and improve data collection. This provides opportunities for volunteers to contribute to conservation by participating in citizen science actions.
  • “Reports from the IWC and Eagle owl monitoring citizen science actions” prepared from collected and analysed data, presented to wider public with the aim of better understanding of nature conservation and better application of citizen science in conservation sector.

For the Nurturing conservation experts activity, Biom organised 3 online meetings with rangers working in protected areas to share lessons learned and challenges when fighting against the bird crime, but also motivate and inspire future work. The following output were created:

Biom also developed knowledge sharing component of Biom’s magazine “Wildlife Watch”, where they provide a better understanding of the nature conservation topics Biom works on and address some commonly asked questions and knowledge gaps identified during their communication with the general public. The output of this activity is the following:


Materials produced with this grant will continue to be actively used within Biom’s conservation work and shared with their collaborators.

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