Knowledge is power: Empowering grassroots Local Conservation Groups (LCGs) in wetlands of western Greece through knowledge sharing

When MAVA launched a call for proposals in 2021 for Learning and Sharing grants focused on the dissemination of knowledge related to nature conservation, the Hellenic Ornithological Society/ BirdLife Greece (HOS), an environmental NGO based in Greece and dedicated to the protection of wild birds and their habitats, seized the chance to take advantage of this opportunity and be granted the time and resources to create material that reflects its 40 year-old activity and experience.

Focusing on education, capacity building and structural strengthening of local conservation groups, HOS chose first to address and educate three existing local citizens groups dedicated to the conservation of their hometown: the Environmental Protection Society of Kastoria, the Ioannina Environmental Protection Club and the Messolonghi by Locals movement, thus concentrating its efforts on an atypical network of initiatives. The latter live, act and create in and around the beautiful wetlands of western Greece and share common features and ambitions. Yet each one of them is genuinely unique and has authentic intentions.

The outcomes of this project were reflected in a number of deliverables that will help those initiatives to undertake action in their local areas and present themselves to the world and take the chance to disseminate their message on local conservation. By the means of Learning and Sharing, HOS intends to deliver the goals of the creation of empowered, enhanced, conscious, independent local conservation initiatives that are first open to change themselves and be better, and have a view to a change for a better world.

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