A life with purpose is a life well lived. Mine is taking on the failings of our economic system, manifest in a deeply unfair society and a severely degraded environment.

Green forest foliage (c) istock

Measure what matters

Better gauging progress using metrics that look beyond GDP and profit alone, and that account for ‘externalities’ such as health and clean air, is at the heart of Oliver’s mission to create a fair, green and inclusive economy.

And Measure What Matters – a partnership between the Green Economy Coalition (GEC), Accounting For Sustainability, the Global Reporting Initiative, the International Institute for Environment and Development and the Stockholm Environment Institute – is seeking to enable public and corporate actors to do just that, and make sense of a plethora of existing sustainability metrics.

Any business that decides to track biodiversity has over 34 frameworks to choose from, and a government tracking inequality can measure it in 19 different ways! Our aim is to develop a common language that works across issues and levels.

Back from the future

Delivering a sustainable economy means looking beyond normal political and corporate timeframes. The Sustainable Development Goals, agreed in September 2015, are a universal statement of things that matter to everyone, and an opportunity to help hardwire beyond-GDP thinking into national, corporate and local strategies. They invite us to ‘backcast’ from the future, interrogating business models and national plans for fitness of purpose.

We need to look beyond growth as our measure of progress, and adopt a new consciousness that integrates well-being and value. We are all on spaceship Earth and it’s in everyone’s interest that it’s healthy.

Integrating Natural Capital into national Green Economy planning

Promoting the integration of natural capital accounting into national development plans is critical for realising a sustainable economy. Through the Green Economy Coalition, Oliver is tireless in his creative conceptualisation and advocacy for a better future. Read about MAVA’s Action Plan on this subject.

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