I was attracted to the idea of being a crusading lawyer but changing things within government was slow, so I left to run a local NGO and ended up campaigning with Greenpeace on forests, climate and nuclear disarmament.

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Turning the tide

A growing international funder collaborative working to ‘turn the tide’ on plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, land and air, the Plastic Solutions Fund supports projects on reducing single use plastic packaging and production in Asia, Europe and the US.

Catalysing grassroots activism as well as corporate and policy change, the fund supports projects focused on changing the upstream plastic economy by revealing companies responsible for plastic waste and pollution, as well as collective advocacy to strengthen the EU Circular Economy Package.

We offer a trusted platform for new philanthropic investment in plastic pollution prevention. Bringing funders together creates collective impact, insights and knowledge, and lets us pursue a common strategy for systems change in the plastics supply chain.

Changing the story and forcing change

Burgeoning middle-class populations and growing consumption in countries like India – especially the boom in single-serving ‘sachet’ packaging – are a challenge and an opportunity. Strengthening civil society, developing alternatives, and changing the narrative around plastic – as valuable rather than disposable, and as pollution for which producers rather than municipalities and consumers are responsible – are all vital.

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I believe in people power. We can create the world we need but we’re taking on some of the most powerful interests on the planet, so we need to force change – it won’t happen on its own. China’s refusal to take any more of Europe’s waste is an opportunity to build a robust global movement against plastic pollution.

Find out more about how Nicky and the Plastic Solutions Fund are helping deliver MAVA’s action plan on Redesigning Plastics.

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