Want to learn more about how to develop Ecotourism in Mediterranean Protected Areas?

In 2019, MAVA provided funding for several ‘Learning Grants’ in order to encourage a learning culture and increase knowledge among the conservation community. One of these grants was given to the MEET Network – Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism Network, to help share its approach to ecotourism in Mediterreanean Protected Areas.

As a result, the MEET Network, in collaboration with IUCN and the Global Footprint Network, is now launching an online course split into two modules: the first one on Ecotourism Product Development following the MEET Approach and the second on Measuring the Ecological Footprint of an Ecotourism Product.

The modules are hosted on www.conservationtraining.org and will be accessible for free to the public as from the last week of October 2020. This online course is developed specifically for Mediterranean Protected Areas Destinations.

Want to learn more? Watch the MEET Network webinar during which they introduced this online course.

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