First 15 duos ready to embark on MAVA’s Leaders for Nature Academy journey

The foundation launched end of March 2018, the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy, a leadership programme for both senior and young professionals specifically designed for MAVA partners. It will be run up to 2022 by Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring who are recognised and applauded experts in their respective fields. This first programme will be run in English, the next one in 2019 will be in French.

An avalanche of applications

We were delighted by the enthusiasm of our partners for this opportunity. We received an exhilarating avalanche of applications, 130 applicants for 30 spots and the selection was a tough and competitive process. The selection committee, who reviewed all applications to establish a short-list for an interview phase (42 candidates) and then a final admission list, was composed of three persons from Common Purpose, three persons from Mowgli Mentoring and two persons from MAVA. Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring, who are used to selecting candidates for leadership and mentoring programmes, highlighted the high quality of the applications received.

Selection criteria were based on quality of applications, looking in particular at leadership track record and potential for development identified by the candidates, strength of each of the individuals – as well as the duo, understanding and potential for mentoring, and language. As mentioned in the call for applications, priority was given to partners who evolve within our Outcome Action Plans (OAPs).

An amazing and diverse group of leaders for nature selected

The first cohort of the Academy is composed of 17 men and 13 women; 57% from the Mediterranean Basin, 17% from West Africa, 14% from projects linked to our Sustainable Economy Programme, 6% from Switzerland and 6% from Global partners. The split is seven duos from International NGOs and eight duos from local NGOs. The organisations on the final list include: Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon, Terra Cypria (Cyprus), WWF Greece, Wetlands International Africa, Nature Trust Malta, LIFEplatform (The Low Impact Fishers of Europe), Zero Waste Europe, WWF Spain, Euronatur Foundation, International Institute for Sustainable Development, Center for Protection and Research of Birds (Montenegro), Southern African Wildlife College, Maio Biodiversity Foundation (Cabo Verde), WWF Switzerland, Projecto Vito Fogo (Cabo Verde), Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania.


They will start their first online session on 25 June 2018 and then convene in Amman from 9 to 12 July 2018 for a first face-to-face event.

Stay tuned to discover as from 9 July 2018 the first impressions and insights from the fellows themselves on this leadership journey!

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