A roadmap to fight against bird poisoning in the Balkans

The use of poisonous substances such as the banned toxic pesticide Carbofuran and baits laced with these substances in the environment is one of the most widely used predator eradication methods worldwide as highlighted in the Vulture Multi-species Action Plan. During the last 20 years a total of 465 vultures were found poisoned in 227 separate incidents, in total an estimated 2,300 vultures have been the victim of poisoning since 1998.

The Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project is a cross-border initiative established in 2018 bringing together wildlife conservation organisations, governmental agencies and other stakeholder such as hunting associations, farmers and scientists to tackle illegal wildlife poisoning. Working in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia the National Anti-poison Working Groups in each country are working with national partners with the aim of producing a ‘National Anti-Poison Roadmap’. These Roadmaps will provide the foundation for future work to combat the use of poison, prevent the illegal killing of wildlife and protect vultures.

Funded by MAVA within the frame of our action plan on reducing the mortality of migratory birds, the project aims to secure continued engagement against illegal wildlife poisoning of the relevant national governmental authorities in the Balkan region and to increase the governments’ capacity to counteract and work together to take positive steps to protect vultures.

The Balkan Anti-Poisoning Project is a partnership between the Vulture Conservation Foundation and the Albanian Ornithological Society-AOSProtection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania-PPNEAOrnithological Society “Naše ptice”,Association BIOMHellenic Ornithological Society-HOS, Macedonian Ecological Society-MES.


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