Saving the Raso Lark Alauda razae from extinction in Cabo Verde

The NGO Biosfera is one of MAVA’s key partners in Cabo Verde. Biosfera has been working for a number of years to save the Raso Lark Alauda razae from extinction. This critically endangered species breeds only on the very small and unhabited Raso islet (7 km2), part of the Marine Reserve of Santa Luzia.

Together with Michael Brooke, a Professor at the University of Cambridge (UK), and SPEA, the Portuguese member of Birdlife International, they are organising the translocation of this species to another island in the reserve, where it previously bred and became extinct because of the predation of feral cats. Professor Brooke is now training young Cape Verdean university students to make sure that these efforts will last.

This initiative is funded by MAVA within the framework of a new project to support the sustainable management of S. Luzia marine reserve in Cabo Verde. It is jointly run by SPEA, Biosfera and the National Directorate for the Environment in Cabo Verde (DNA), in close cooperation and with the support of RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

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