Major biodiversity initiative launched in the Republic of Macedonia

Trust Fund launches a protected area grants programme in the Republic of Macedonia

The Prespa-Ohrid ecoregion – which straddles the borders of Macedonia, Albania and Greece – is a biodiversity hotspot which has always been close to Luc Hoffmann’s heart and core to the activities of MAVA’s Mediterranean Programme.

The Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust Fund (PONT) made a big step forward for conservation in the region on 14 May 2018 by launching a protected area grants programme in the Republic of Macedonia.

Established in 2015 as a German Foundation with funding from MAVA and the KfW Development Bank, PONT  is a trans-boundary trust fund created to finance the conservation of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Prespa-Ohrid region, and illustrates MAVA’s approach to developing sustainable finance tailored to local needs and conditions. The mission of PONT is to ‘provide long-term financing for the conservation and sustainable management of biological diversity, natural processes and ecosystem services in Prespa and its wider area for the benefit of nature and people in the region’.

The PONT Supervisory Board approved the grant proposal by the Municipality of Resen to support the implementation of the Management Plan for the Ezerani Nature Park and the Prespa Lake Monument of Nature, and also by the Pelister National Park to support the update of the Management Plan for the next 10 years. The Galicica National Park of Macedonia is planning their first grant proposal to PONT for the updating of their 10 Years Management Plan.

PONT has already made grants to the 3 core members of PrespaNET : MES – the Macedonia Ecological Society, PPNEA – Protection and Preservation of the Natural Enviornment in Albania and SPP – the Society for the Protection of Prespa based in Greece. As a next step PONT aims to expand the Environmental Actors Programme to other environmental actors working in the Prespa region in the coming years.

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