In an evolving context of emerging markets, technological disruption and changing social expectations, green finance has seen remarkable development in recent times. The green bond market is growing, global financial centres are competing to become centre of green finance, and the EU is developing a Green Finance strategy. To ensure lasting change, all financial institutions need to take on a truly green mandate.

We aim to reduce the negative impact of economic activities on nature and people by:

  • improving standards and regulations to include environmental impact and risk
  • encouraging better green finance standards and performance in global financial centres
  • preventing climate and environmental risk punishing the most vulnerable countries
  • developing digital finance and the use of big data to increase environmental transparency and support funding for the green economy
  • innovating financial system improvement
Bijagos (c) Hellio van Ingen


  • E3G
  • Finance Watch
  • Fish Tracker Initiative
  • Green Digital Finance Alliance
  • Inquiry- Design of a Sustainable Finance System

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of all our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation.
These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Finance Watch
Benoit Lallemand (c) Finance Watch

Finance Watch

We’re a community of progressive companies who recognize their role in creating a healthy environment and a prosperous society, and who realize their businesses will only thrive if we change the way we use resources. Benoit Lallemand

Annual Budget

MAVA has allocated CHF 2,000,000 annually to this Action Plan

Additional co-funding is needed to ensure our partners’ work continues when our grant-making ends in 2022


      Holger Schmid

     Director, Sustainable Economy

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