West Africa is of global importance for sea turtles, all seven species of which appear on the IUCN Red List as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered.

Some of the world’s largest populations of loggerhead and green turtles breed in Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau respectively. These populations are threatened by invasive species, illegal harvesting of females and eggs, bycatch by industrial and artisanal fishing vessels, and decline in nesting habitat due to coastal erosion, flooding and unregulated tourism.


We aim to eradicate disturbance and illegal harvesting of important breeding sites for green and loggerhead turtles and minimise the impact and anthropogenic habitat disturbances at these sites by:

  • Fostering research and capacity building
  • Raising awareness
  • Strengthening the legal and regulatory framework of turtle protection
  • Strengthening law and regulation enforcement
  • Strengthening site protection and restoration


Our principal areas of focus are Mauritania (Banc d’Arguin National Park), Cabo Verde (Islands of Boa Vista and Maio) and Guinea-Bissau (Bijagos Archipelago and the Orango National Park)


  • FMB
  • Fundaçao Tartaruga
  • IBAP
  • Ministerio da Agricultura e Ambiente
  • Parc National du Banc d'Arguin

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of all our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation. These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Ukie Resende
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Ukie Resende

Fundaçao Tartaruga
Children recognize the logo on the truck and call out, ‘Fundação!’, and lots of local people call me ‘Tartaruga’! More and more people here are learning about and supporting turtle conservation.”

Budget 2020-2022


Marie Madeleine Gomez

Manager, West Africa

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