Conservation is a story of passionate and committed people able to flourish and deliver.


Today’s rapid environmental and societal change demands flexibility, adaptability and unconventional thinking – and a new approach to leadership.


We are committed to nurturing young talent, entrepreneurial leadership and innovation capable of delivering transformational conservation.

Intergenerational Leadership

Through our Intergenerational Leadership programme, tailor-made for MAVA partners, we are supporting the next generation of conservation talent.

Focusing on softer and more interpersonal skills that are as critical as technical ability in tackling today’s challenges, we are working with young and senior professionals and inviting our partners to invest in their own future by:

  • creating more opportunities for young people, encouraging networking and professional development
  • enhancing the capacity of senior staff to coach and nurture talent, making more space for young professionals to grow
  • practicing open collaboration and learning, and sharing decision-making.
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Tackling the complex environmental and social challenges we now face, needs passionate, courageous and creative talent and leadership able to energise and reinvigorate conservation.

Nathalie Cadot, Programme Officer, Impact & Sustainability, MAVA


Today, effective conservation relies on integrated solutions that cover health, development and social justice as well as environment.

Working with existing initiatives that support social enterprise in our focal regions, we are investing in innovation by young leaders that reconciles environmental, social and economic objectives.

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  • Common Purpose
  • Mowgli Mentoring


Nathalie Cadot

Programme Officer, Impact & Sustainability

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